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White Fan Tells Nigel Hayes He Needs to Cut His ‘Bizarre” Hair If He Wants to be Successful In NBA, Life

Nigel Hayes has been outspoken about race issues. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images Sport)

Nigel Hayes recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a successful college basketball career as a Badgers forward, but a fan was more focused on his “bizarre” hairstyle.

Hayes, who is the only Badger to have appeared on the college’s top 10 list for points, rebounds and assists, tweeted a letter from Jennie Madden, a self-proclaimed fan of his and UW-Madison. The note began by congratulating him for earning his degree and staying in college. But it took a turn when she slammed his hair, which he wears in locs.

“What the heck crazy odd hairdo are you having on the top of your head??” Madden wrote. “Who wants [to sign] a handsome nice guy like you with such a bizarre hairdo as what you got?

“Get to the barbers,” she wrote, recommending a local Black shop in Madison. “And get all cleaned up with a nice haircut and [side-burn] trim and [professional] appearance — then for sure you will get picked to be on a pro basketball team looking better and more classy for their team and community.”

Madden felt Hayes, who has been racially targeted in the past, could “set [an] example” by “not only getting your nice college diploma — but [getting] a good appearance.”

Hayes’ teammate, guard Zak Showalter, who is white, also received an email from Madden, who praised his haircut and asked to get more information to share with her brother.

As a result of the racist email, many fans supported Hayes.

UW-Madison also shared its support.

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