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Puerto Rican Mom Upset That “Girls” Viewers Think Her Half-Haitian Baby Is Black

The series finale of HBO’S “Girls,” surprised viewers when main character Hannah gave birth to a baby that appeared to be Black.

In the show, Hannah is played by a white woman whose baby’s father is a Pakistani man. Fans were shocked and confused by┬áthe fact that the baby looked Black and went to Twitter to express their thoughts and concerns.

The actual mother of the baby, Jaclyn Nichole, denied that her son is Black and seemed offended that viewers would think he was. She tweeted, “First off, my baby who played Grover isn’t black; He’s Puerto Rican and his father is Haitian, does it matter?” Fans quickly educated Nichole on the history of Black ties with Puerto Ricans and Haitians.

This Atlanta Black Star video takes a look into the controversy of the birth of the Black baby in HBO’s show “Girls.”

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