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Trump Posts 3 Tweets In 10 minutes on Comey Firing and Was Dragged Miserably for Each One

Donald Trump said he fired James Comey because he “wasn’t doing a good job.” (Gage Skidmore)

The morning after President Donald Trump signed off on the firing of James Comey as director of the FBI, he sent out a series of tweets about the fallout.

The news of Comey’s termination from the role he held since 2013 sent shock waves throughout Washington and removed Comey from leading the investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia to fix the election. He had asked for additional funding for the probe days before he was terminated, according to ABC News and Trump explained Wednesday, May 10, Comey got the pink slip because he “wasn’t doing a good job.”

In three tweets, sent Wednesday morning, Trump responded to the outcry of doubt cast on why Comey was fired, which Democrats speculated stemmed from Comey’s progress in the Russia investigation.

Each tweet was dismantled by several Twitter users.

On Trump’s claim that Democrats wished the worst for Comey, responders clamped down on his motivation for Comey’s removal.

More call-outs followed when Trump said the “prestige” of the FBI would return with Comey’s replacement, which the administration has immediately begun to search for.

The relentlessness carried over into Trump’s third tweet about Washington supposedly losing confidence in Comey.

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