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Everette Twins Recall Horrifying Memories of the Night Jordan Edwards Was Killed

Texas teen Jordan Edwards’ friends can’t stop thinking about the night he was shot and killed by a policeman and they’re hoping justice will be served.

Twins Maximus and Maxwell Everette were in the back seat of a Chevy Impala on April 29 when 15-year-old Edwards was allegedly shot by former Balch Springs Officer Roy Oliver. Oliver fired a rifle into the vehicle, leaving Maximus and Maxwell with an image they can’t remove from their minds.

“I just see that over and over again,” Maxwell says to NBCDFW Monday. “When I think, when I talk about it a lot — like this, stuff like this.”

A noise complaint was filed concerning the house party the boys were attending that April night and when police showed up, teens began leaving.

“I got in the car,” Maxwell says. “We was finna to leave ’cause we heard some loud noises outside and, as we were driving away, all I heard was a cop start shooting at the car.”

The twins, Edwards and the slain teen’s two brothers were in the vehicle when the bullet shattered the passenger side window.

“Everybody’s, like, duckin’,” Maxwell says. “Jordan was laying in the passenger seat slumped over.”

An arrest warrant affidavit for Oliver says the Impala had driven past other officers when Oliver shot into the car, with one bullet hitting Edwards in the head. Four shell casings were found on the scene.

“We shouldn’t have to fear the police when our parents teach us to respect them,” Maximus says. “So, I don’t see why they would fear just kids leaving a party.”

“The cops came to tell us to get out of the car, with their guns out and stuff,” Maxwell says. “They had put us in handcuffs while Jordan was still in the car. And they wasn’t even helping him. They were more worried about the caution tape outside, more worried about that.”

Maximus added the boys were confused about why they were being handcuffed. A Balch Springs spokesman said they detained the teens for questioning and were not issued citations.

The twins said they are pleased that Oliver has been charged with murder.

“We’re making progress from getting cops doing bad things to people for no reason,” Maximus says. “We’re going in the right direction to get justice for everything going on, especially for Jordan.”

The Everettes say they want Oliver to be convicted of murder and spend the rest of his life in prison.

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