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White S. African Farmers Accused of Killing Black Teen Each Get Out On $370 Bail

Two white South African farmers, Phillip Schutte (front) and Pieter Dooreward, outside the Coligny, South Africa, Magistrate’s Court. (AP Photo)

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Two white South African white farmers who are accused of murdering a Black teenager were granted bail in the racially sensitive case.

Angry protesters demonstrated outside the courthouse during the hearing Monday for the suspects in the rural town of Coligny in North West province. A house was set on fire after the two men were granted bail of $370 each.

South African media say the farmers on April 20 allegedly caught a 16-year-old while he was stealing sunflowers and put him in the back of a van.

The farmers say the boy died after jumping out of the van while it was moving, but prosecutors say he was pushed or thrown out of the vehicle.

Looting and other violence occurred in Coligny around the time of the boy’s death.

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