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Fans Speculate on Kendrick Lamar’s Album Messages After ‘Damn’ Drops on Good Friday

Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn” album is No. 1 on iTunes. (TDE)

Kendrick Lamar’s new album “Damn” has his fans eagerly discussing a theory that a follow-up may be on the way, largely based on the record’s Good Friday release date and his purported death on the album.

The theory about the two-album release began on a Reddit thread Tuesday, April 11, when user scottvosper theorized that the drop day being on Good Friday — the day that marks the death of Jesus — would lead to another album, called “Nation,” being released on Easter Sunday, the day of Jesus’ resurrection.

“It’s track listing is an anagram of the last letters spelling out ‘earth led 2 death’ which has a meaning related to the people of earth condemning Jesus to the cross and his death,” scottvosper wrote. “This album has a sad and depressed looking album cover and it’s tracks are all bangers that [completely] destroy the rap industry… turning it on its head. Kendrick goes in on everyone and basically just ‘crucifies’ the entire game.”

Once the follow-up album is released on Sunday, scottvosper speculated, it will be titled “Nation” and combined with the “Damn” title, it’ll form the word, “Damnation.”

Lamar’s death comes on the first “Damn” track “Blood,” which concludes with a gunshot that seems to end Lamar’s life.

Others have come up with similar theories based on a Thursday tweet by frequent Lamar collaborator Sounwave that seemed to indicate an official LP was on the way.

He followed it up with a photo of “The Matrix” character Morpheus, who offers the film’s protagonist, Neo, the choice of a red pill, which provides knowledge or a blue pill, which gives falsehood and security.

Fans ran with the speculations and broke down some of their own.

Some thought the theory was just the result of overzealous fans sharing their hopes for more music.

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