Janelle Monáe Clears Up Comments About Women Withholding Sex Until Men Respect Them

Janelle Monáe blamed an all-male Freedom Caucus meeting for her remarks about women abstaining from sex. (Wikimedia Commons)

It turns out Janelle Monáe doesn’t think all women should stop having sex despite being quoted as saying, “Until every man is fighting for our rights, we should consider stopping having sex.”

Monáe cleared up the confusion over her remarks to Marie Claire by linking to a headline that said she thinks “all women” should abstain from sex. On Twitter Monday, April 10, Monáe said women “must demand our agency” and said her comments were fueled by the March meeting Vice President Mike Pence held with the all-male Freedom Caucus to discuss health care changes that would include pregnancy and maternity reforms.

Several fans responded in praise of Monáe schooling publications that wrote about the quote.


Some attacked the headlines spurred out of Monáe’s quote as click bait.

One man chimed in to wonder what rights men were afforded that women didn’t have.

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