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Third Black Employees Accuses Fox News of Discrimination, Joins Lawsuit

Monica Douglas claims Fox News was well aware of Judy Slater’s racist behavior long before firing her.

Things aren’t looking too good over at Fox News.

Just a week after two Black female employees filed a suit accusing the news network of racial discrimination, another Black employee has joined the legal action touting similar claims.

Monica Douglas, Fox News’ manager for credit collections, claims she was subjected to years of racist quips and cruelty at the hand of longtime comptroller Judy Slater. Slater was ousted by the network last week after complaints of her shamelessly racist behavior toward African- American employees proved to be true.

“We take any complaint of this nature very seriously and took the appropriate action in investigating and firing Ms. Slater within two weeks of this being brought to our attention,” a spokesman for the conservative news network said. “There is no place for abhorrent behavior like this at Fox News.”

In her complaint, Douglas alleges that Slater grumbled about her having “Black eyes” as opposed to people of the “Aryan race” who have blonde hair and blue eyes. She also claims the former comptroller called her Brooklyn neighborhood “the murder capital of the world” and even expressed “an unwillingness to even be near Black people.”

Moreover, the suit claims Slater mocked Douglas for being a breast cancer survivor, calling her “cancer girl” and “the one-boobed girl.” Once, the former Fox News employee allegedly complained that Douglas was “high maintenance” and driving up “everyone’s health care premiums” with her cancer treatments.

The suit contains a laundry list of other allegations, including accounts that Slater ridiculed Douglas for her purported inability to pronounce words like “mouth” and “ask” because she was Black, purposely kicked Douglas in the buttocks as she walked down the hallway on more than one occasion and repeatedly stroked Douglas’ hair to feel its “texture.”

Though Fox News’ claims it took swift action in firing Slater, Douglas alleges the network knew about her racist behavior for years and that Slater herself had pressured her not to report it.

“Don’t bother going to HR … I am HR,” the ousted comptroller reportedly warned Douglas.

Still, the credit collections manager said she took her complaints against Slater to Fox’s general counsel, Dianne Brandi, starting in 2014, but “nothing was done,” according to filing.

The discrimination suit is just a snowflake in the avalanche of scandals gripping Fox News right now.

Douglas joined the lawsuit the same day eight more advertisers left “The O’Reilly Factor” following a report about sexual harassment cases surrounding its host, Bill O’Reilly, according to The New York Daily News. The network also is being investigated for reportedly hiding the sexual harassment settlements from shareholders. Just last year, ex-chairman Roger Ailes resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment.

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