NFL Player’s Question About Interracial Dating Elicits Demeaning Response About Black Women

Lynden Trail and his fiancée, Michelle, had to stick up for Black women online. (@lyndentrail7)

Redskins linebacker Lynden Trail usually poses questions to his Facebook followers, but when he asked about interracial dating, Trail got a divisive answer from a football fan.

The post has since been removed, but Trail asked why wealthy Black athletes marry white women Thursday, March 16.

As followers awaited responses from other users who began to weigh in, a Miami Dolphins fan called Maserati Rick responded by bashing Black women. He relied on stereotypes to fuel his argument, saying Black wome “are stubborn, closed minded, and always have to argue and be the boss,” as captured in Baller Alert screenshots.

After deeming Black women “uncoachable,” Rick added that Black men can’t get peace of mind if they date a woman of their race.

“The best thing I could have done was get me a white girl with a great family to support her and our relationship,” he concluded.

Social media swirled with reactions to the comment.

Along the way, rumors began that Trail was the person who preferred white women and for putting down Black women, which he cleared up on Twitter.

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