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Don Cheadle Defends Claim That Trump Used N-Word While Speaking About Black Women

Months after a radio host accused Donald Trump of using a racial slur to ask if a fellow golfer ever had sex with a Black woman, Don Cheadle is making the same claim.

The “Miles Ahead” star engaged in an argument with a Trump backer over his reported links to Russia Saturday, March 4. Cheadle explained he’s had disdain for the Commander-in-Chief since he caught wind of Trump allegedly hurling a racial slur during a golf game.

There is no context for when the alleged exchange occurred, but it could have happened in or after 2012 when the Pro-Am events website said Trump Organization purchased the Doral Resort & Spa.

When a Trump backer questioned him, Cheadle defended his statement by referring the user to one of the president’s many books. The “Captain America: Civil War” actor also sarcastically cited Trump’s supposed friend Jim, who the president said doesn’t visit Paris after the terrorist attacks that occurred there.

Cheadle continued to stand by his claims throughout the day and into the night.

The next day, a responder asked why Cheadle’s friend’s father did not stop playing golf and stand up to Trump’s bigotry.

Cheadle listed the reasons why his friend’s father remained silent and instead told his daughter about the supposed interaction later.

Cheadle’s explosive claims have come up before when Dash Radio DJ Shane Powers recalled the alleged conversation amid Trump’s scandal with former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

“Donald Trump was on the golf course with three other guys,” Powers said on the Oct. 9 broadcast of “The Shane Show.” “He looked over at the guys, and he said, ‘Yo’ — And I’m paraphrasing – ‘You ever f— a n—–?’ The three guys’ mouths fell agape.

“And then, I guess Donald followed that up by saying, ‘No, no, you really gotta try it. I know it might seem’ — and again, I’m paraphrasing — ‘I know it might seem whatever, but again, you gotta try it. You gotta try it once,'” Powers said. “We could be sued 13 different ways from Sunday for what I just said.”

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