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When Man Hauls Out Tired Welfare-Queen Trope, Joy Reid Responds with Brilliant Comeback

Journalist Joy Reid placed a Donald Trump supporter in her cross hairs when he claimed underprivileged Americans are unproductive.

The back-and-forth occurred on Twitter Sunday, Feb. 19 when the MSNBC correspondent discussed what Jesus meant when he called for society to be compassionate.

One user responded to Reid by blaming conservatives for the idea that Jesus called out non-white, unwealthy individuals rather than society as a whole.

The reply led a Trump backer named Sam to say Jesus urged individuals to work hard for their earnings.

Reid questioned Sam’s thought process …

… and he retorted with a welfare queen excuse, which is a myth stating Black women defraud the government to gain income.

Reid pointed out Trump’s so-called welfare queen-like behaviors, showing that he fits the stereotype of a financially unstable parent with several children.

The tweet set off a chain of replies discussing Trump’s money woes and the negative way he treated employees.

One responder referred to the thousands of lawsuits Trump faced during his campaign, likely referring to a USA Today report in June about the 3,500 legal actions taken by and against the now-president.

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