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Presidents Day Battle Emerges on Twitter As Poll Names Obama 12th-Best President

Former President Barack Obama ranked 12th in a presidential survey, which did not include President Donald Trump since he is currently in office. (Karl-Ludwig Poggemann/Flickr)

In his first eligible year for a presidential poll ranking, Barack Obama has landed at No. 12 on the list of the best men to lead the United States.

The survey results came just before Presidents Day kicked off Monday, Feb. 20. Conducted by C-SPAN three times since 2000, the Presidential Historians Survey asked 91 historians to rank the 43 American leaders in 10 categories. “Pursued Equal Justice For All” and “Public Persuasion” were the two highest-ranked sections for Obama, while “Relations with Congress” was dead last (through no fault of his own).

As for how other presidents fared, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt rounded out the top three for the second time since 2009, when the poll was last conducted. James Buchanan edged out Andrew Johnson to take the final spot on the list. More recent presidents on the list included George W. Bush, who ranked 33rd and Bill Clinton, who ranked 15th, just like he did eight years ago.

Once the national holiday arrived, many voters thanked Obama for his devotion to the country across two terms.

Several Twitter users acted as if Obama was still the head of the United States …

… or that President’s Day wasn’t happening without his leadership.

Others wished President Donald Trump well on his first President’s Day in office.

Trump himself got in on the celebration by tweeting a “Happy President’s Day” message.

Others focused their holiday festivities on other activities besides acknowledging presidents directly.

Many took part in various #NotMyPresident rallies across the nation.

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