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Benin Abolishes Short-Stay Visa Requirement for 31 African Nations

Benin President Patrice Talon

Beninese authorities have abolished the short-stay visa for nationals of 31 African countries.

The exemption promised by President Patrice Talon is based on the Rwandan example and applies to stays of less than 90 days. Talon announced last August during a visit to Kigali that he was considering the abolition of visas for Africans.

“Based on the experience of Rwanda, I decided that Benin will no longer require visas for Africans,” Talso said. “South-South cooperation can make real sense. My hope is that cooperation between Rwanda and Benin can serve as an example.”

According to a document of the Consulate General of Benin in Paris, dated Jan. 10, 2017, nationals of 31 countries of the continent are now exempt from visa for Benin for stays of a duration not exceeding 90 days.

This list of exempt countries includes those from South and East Africa, such as South Africa and Kenya.

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