Trevor Noah Breaks Down How Trump’s ‘Underreported’ Terror List Conveniently Leaves Off White People

After President Donald Trump claimed earlier this week that the media doesn’t report on terror, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah expertly reminded Trump that white terrorists pose the greatest threat to America, not Muslims.

Noah said that the Trump administration’s list of supposed underreported terror attacks failed to mention attacks involving white men. “When a Muslim person commits terror, it’s part of a deadly conspiracy. But white extremists commit acts of terror over and over again … well, that’s merely a continuing series of isolated events,” Noah says.

“If anything, I think the media reports on terrorism too much,” Noah says during the Tuesday, Feb. 7 telecast. “Think about it. We know more about some dude in France who was waving a knife than we do about how Trump is taking financial regulation back to the crash.”

The comedian insisted that Trump “should be thanking the media because … there’s a good chance he would still be fake-firing celebrities on NBC.” Noah added that the Trump administration has to make its lies real and this week the White House released a list of “underreported terror attacks” to reinforce the president’s claim.

Major news outlets took the bait and reported on Trump’s list even though the amount of coverage an event receives is subjective, Noah said. Some of the three major terror attacks in the past two years were on the list. Trump’s administration said that the Paris attack in 2015, the San Bernardino attack from last year and the Orlando Pulse shooting from 2016 were underreported.

“This list of terror attackers is so bad, they even spelled attacker wrong 18 times,” Noah says. “How do you spell attacker wrong? That’s sh– your phones does for free.”

What the list failed to mention were the attacks carried out by white terrorists. Noah said that there was no mention of the Charleston Emmanuel Chruch shooting or Dylann Roof, no Planned Parenthood shooter, no Pennsylvania police barrack attacker from 2014.

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