T.I. Shuts Down Critics Claiming His Transition as Conscious Rapper Wasn’t Legitimate


Rapper T.I. is clapping back at naysayers who question the validity of his recent transition toward more-conscious music.

The Atlanta-based artist said during the Wednesday, Feb. 3 broadcast of “The Breakfast Club” that he is capable of being a conscious rapper, a gangster and a father simultaneously because “I’m all of it MOTHERF–KER.”

When told no one really took him seriously because the transition was too fast, T.I. reminded co-host Charlamagne that he has always had conscious tracks on his albums. “People always expect you to be one way,” he says. “I’m a diverse individual. All of this sh– is real.”

After the stellar release of his latest album, Us or Else, fans and critics have recognized that the rapper’s new music is a departure from the trap music he has been known for. The Black Lives Matter movement inspired Us or Else, which focuses primarily on police brutality and Black unity.

In recent weeks, the artist called out Black celebrities for speaking with President Donald Trump, seeking to enlighten them to the sinister purpose behind the photo ops and closed-door meetings.

T.I. told the DJs that people in the past have tried to categorize him as a “trapper,” “a tough guy” and “a ladies man,” but he claimed to be all of that and more.

“I’m all of it MOTHERF—ER,” T.I. says. “I’ll beat your a–, kiss your girl and go tuck my kids in. Then, I’ll show up and lead a march on the weekend.”

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