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Tank: America Got Just What It Asked for by Electing Trump As President

R&B singer and producer Tank does not feel sorry for America in wake of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. During a Sunday, Jan. 29 chat with TMZ, the Grammy-nominated artist told the reporter that America asked for this and now the nation must reap what it sowed.

“Love is the only thing that is going to change everything,” he says. “Immigrants built this nation! But guess what? America elected this president. … Guess what? Sometimes, you get what you ask for. … God bless everybody, but sometimes, you get what you asked for. If you didn’t vote, this is what you asked for. If you did vote, this is what you asked for.”

Tank’s comments came after Trump’s immigration ban sparked protests nationwide this weekend in defense of the innocent victims affected by the executive order, which was enacted Friday, Jan. 27.

Under the ban, refugees from seven majority-Muslim nations — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — have been denied entry into the U.S. After protesters took to the nation’s airports, the ban was temporarily suspended by New York-based U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly. Her actions guaranteed that U.S. visa holders can’t be denied entry and sent back to their country of origin.

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