Sheriff Clarke Believes He Is Above The Law, Threatens to ‘Knock Out’ Anyone Who Steps to Him After Detaining Man

A Milwaukee man has filed a complaint with the county Sunday, Jan. 15, claiming he was harassed and detained by Fox News regular Sheriff David Clarke after a flight from Dallas to Milwaukee, Wisc.

The 24-year-old victim, Dan Black, said he only shared a few words with Clarke before the brief encounter took a bizarre turn for the worst. Black told Fox 6 Wednesday that he Snapchatted the incident after he realized no one would believe that he was escorted off a plane for speaking to Clarke.

“Foolishly, I asked him, ‘Are you Sheriff Clarke?’ He responded ‘Yes,’ so I shook my head a little bit,” Black recalls. “From behind, I hear, ‘You have a problem?’ and I turn around. He is there. I shook my head again and I kept moving.”

In the complaint, the man said that six deputies, Clarke and two police canines were waiting for him after the plane landed at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. The complaint also states that Clarke was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey at the time of the incident.

While there, Black was interrogated for allegedly attempting to assault Clarke.

“They asked me why I was in Dallas, what my views of Sheriff Clarke are. What I said to him. What remarks I made to him,” Black tells reporters. “This was just completely unprofessional. Why wasn’t I escorted off of the plane in Dallas? If he was really threatened, why didn’t any security come talk to me?”

Black added that he waited two hours before authorities came to speak with him while in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office released a statement via Facebook stating that Clarke has the right to “pre-empt a possible assault.” But Black believes that the sheriff abused his powers.


This is not the first time Clarke has been involved in a confrontation with a passenger on an airplane. Back in Septemeber, Clarke pinned down and roughed up an inebriated Black passenger on a flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte, Atlanta Black Star reported.

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