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D.L. Hughley: Trump Disrespected Obama, Now He’s Trying to Use Black Celebs to Woo Us

Comedian and political commentator D.L. Hughley unloaded on President-elect Donald Trump for attempting to woo Black people by meeting with high-profile Black celebrities.

During a Facebook live stream Friday, Jan. 13, Hughley blasted Trump for disrespecting President Barack Obama and sparking the birtherism movement that was hellbent on delegitimizing Obama’s presidency.

“It amazes me, to convince Black people that Donald Trump cares about them, he takes pictures with celebrities,” Hughley says. “If Donald Trump cared about Black people, he wouldn’t have denigrated the president with those claims of birtherism. He wouldn’t have stoked fears and racist fears saying this man [Obama] is less than or not one of us to become president. If Donald Trump cared about Black people, he wouldn’t have, in the debates, talked about bringing back stop and frisk.”

Hughley added that Trump’s Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions is proof positive that Trump doesn’t care about the rights of Black people. Sessions has come under extreme scrutiny for his past incendiary comments toward Black people.

The attack was prompted by fellow comedian and friend Steve Harvey’s meeting with the president-elect last Friday.

Harvey went to Trump Tower reportedly to discuss fixings issues specific to inner cities and to meet with HUD nominee Dr. Ben Carson. Many criticized Harvey for backtracking on his past statements on Trump calling the real estate mogul unfit and unqualified to be president.

Months before Trump’s Nov. 8 victory, Harvey said, “How do you let a dude who was on the cover of Playboy magazine and has been married 18 times be your president?! Now, come on. Hell, then I qualify!”

Hughley, who was an outspoken Trump critic during the 2016 presidential campaign, insisted that Trump’s meetings with Black celebrities will not change the malicious attacks the president-elect launched against Obama.

“Donald Trump takes pictures with Black people. … You would rather have Black people be football players, comedians and rappers than the president. You rather see us run the ball than run the country. That’s why you do it. … I will never forget how you stoked fears. F–k you now and f–k you forever!”

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