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Michael Che Releases Text Evidence After Fashion Designer Blasts Him for Being ‘Arrogant,’ ‘Mad Rude’

Michael Che and Leah McSweeney (@chethinks/@leahmob/Instagram)

A white clothing line founder has blasted “Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che after she said he was “being mad rude” over text messages. But screenshots of the back-and-forth Che released show he was only trying to let her down easily.

The captures revealed that Che and “Married to the Mob” founder Leah McSweeney initially met on the dating app Raya, which is geared toward people in creative industries. But McSweeney explained in her Improper Etiquette podcast Tuesday, Jan. 10 that the SNL cast member wasn’t very kind to her.

“Michael Che is so arrogant and so rude and disrespectful that I cannot even believe that someone… you’re like a D-list celebrity to me, whatever,” McSweeney said. “That’s why I don’t even care that I’m saying his name. I’m not like blowing up Jay Z’s spot.

“Why are you on a dating app if you hate women?” she added. “Literally, you’ve never met me and you’re texting me like I’m a stupid b—- … texting me and being mad rude. He kept just texting me, going, ‘I’m fat. Does that turn you on?’ And I’m like, ‘You’re fat? I think I’ve seen you and you’re not fat, OK?’ ”

Che sent the text messages to Page Six Tuesday, Jan. 11 after McSweeney dedicated a portion of her podcast to bashing him. The screenshots reveal the conversation about weight did occur after the two first exchanged messages in September 2016. The two wouldn’t speak again until November when they discussed food among other things.

By December 2016, Che seemed to lose interest. But McSweeney continued to send him text messages — including one that asserted, “U hate me [’cause] I’m white” — that went unanswered.

Then, on Jan. 2, the CEO confronted him about his lack of interest and that’s when Che told her he did not wish to meet her in person.

“You text really strange declarations looking for a reaction and I don’t wanna know what’s the real-life equivalent of that,” Che said.

Che offered a humorous comment on the matter to Page Six, saying “For the record, I am proud of my curves,” but McSweeney maintained to Jezebel the comic wasn’t a good person.

“To me, him putting every single text message that went on between us, sending that to Page Six, is the corniest move I’ve ever seen anybody do in my life,” she said. “And it just reaffirms that fact that he’s a terrible person, obviously.”

On Instagram, McSweeney also vowed the rest of the “actual story” would be unveiled on her podcast.

Online, many Twitter users shared their reactions to the incident.

Activist Deray Mckesson concluded Che made the best decision.

Author @Luvvie deemed McSweeney’s diss “petty.”

Eliza David found Che’s cyber silence entertaining.

@nkemeluecandice likened the exchange to actress Lena Dunham’s accusation that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. intentionally made her feel unattractive.

Lanna Lawson deemed McSweeney insane.

Joe Johnstun believed Che would have likely been charged with rape if he had met McSweeney in person.

Reese Waters had a light-hearted take on the matter.

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