San Francisco Police Union Sues for Right to Shoot Into Moving Vehicles, Apply Chokehold

The union representing San Francisco police officers has filed a lawsuit blocking the newly established use-of-force policy that prevents officers from using chokeholds or shooting into moving vehicles.

On Tuesday, Dec. 20, the San Francisco Police Officers Association filed a case against the local police commission’s order, which was unanimously approved the following night, according to NBC Bay Area. The SFPOA wants to prevent the city from implementing the policy.

The group brought the issue up again to force the police commission to find an alternative method of restraint in case someone resists the cops.

“If you’re going to remove it, you need to replace it with another, less-lethal [option],”  union President Martin Halloran tells the news station. “Well, they didn’t do that.”

San Francisco Police Commissioner Joseph Marshall tells NBC the group will look at “other less-lethal options” including stun guns and tasers.

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