9 Black-Owned Companies Launched In 2016 to Address Racism, Keep Money in the Black Community

innclusiveInnclusive: A Unique Lodging Service for the Black Traveler
Formerly known as Noirebnb, Innclusive launched this year after several incidents of racial discrimination against Black travelers looking to book lodging on website Airbnb. The Black start-up’s mission is to make journeyers feel safe, warm and welcome by providing lodging to people of all racial backgrounds. “There is a need to create something of a safe space … where people feel like they can travel and spend their money and be treated well and feel dignity and be respectful,” Innclusive co-founder Rohan Gilkes told Atlanta Black Star.

noirbnbNoirbnb: Inclusive Accommodations for African-American Adventurers
Noirbnb is yet another Black-owned start-up borne out of racially charged incidents Black people experienced while trying to book accommodations through Airbnb. Business partners Stefan Grant and Ronnia Cherry decided it was time to “do for self” and launched their own booking site so other Black travelers wouldn’t have to face similar bias. “We created this to create a positive environment and get away from discrimination, so we wouldn’t want to perpetuate it,” Grant told ABS. “But, it is most definitely a place for Black people to feel empowered and inspired because we built it for us.”

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