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Public Calls for Boycott of A&E’s ‘Generation KKK’ Docu-series, While Network Head Maintains ‘We Stand Against Hate’

Ku Klux Klan (Martin/Arete13/Flickr)

Ku Klux Klan (Martin/Arete13/Flickr)

A&E is set to air a documentary series focusing on the lives of Ku Klux Klan members, but some are calling for a boycott before it hits the small screen. “Generation KKK” will air in eight parts on the cable network beginning Jan. 10 and actor Wendell Pierce, a vocal activist, called for an immediate boycott to denounce the effort.

The New York Times reported about “Generation KKK” Sunday, Dec. 18, saying it will not only focus on the high-ranking officials within several KKK chapters around the nation, but it also will explore their family relationships and attempts to leave the hate group.

A&E General Manager Rob Sharenow explained that the network needed to gain the trust of the Imperial Wizard, Grand Knighthawk and Grand Dragon of KKK branches across the South, but it also needed to be sure not to endorse their racist views.

“We certainly didn’t want the show to be seen as a platform for the views of the KKK,” Sharenow said of the organization, which the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates could have as many as 5,000-8,000 members. “The only political agenda is that we really do stand against hate.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, all participants gave A&E their permission for the series, so no faces are disguised nor names changed. Therefore, when an Imperial Wizard gives his daughters white hoods as a gift and when another chapter leader instills racism into his toddler son, it will be viewed unobscured.

But many on Twitter are voicing similar concerns as Pierce, who is leading the charge for a boycott of the “abhorrent” show that he says is standardizing the KKK.

Jonathan Jewel echoed Pierce’s sentiments about taking aim at A&E’s sponsors.

@StillWithHer wanted everyone to stop watching the channel unless “Generation KKK” doesn’t air.

@RandomRenee_ put her thoughts in GIF form.

Juliana Weldon linked the show to Donald Trump backers. That isn’t a far stretch considering white supremacist David Duke, a former Grand Wizard and ex-Louisiana representative, voiced his support for the president-elect in February. Plus, a North Carolina KKK chapter hosted a short-lived parade earlier this month celebrating Trump’s presidency.


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