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Texas A&M Student Tells Richard Spencer, ‘We Taught You to Read, Write and Bathe’


On Dec. 6, white nationalist Richard B. Spencer, who has been called the founder of the alt-right movement, spoke at Texas A&M University, drawing a crowd of student protesters outside the venue.

In a video posted Dec. 8, a Black student protester stood up to Spencer and his controversial pro-white rhetoric in a now-viral clip.

The woman minced no words and hammered Spencer for ignoring the great and lasting contributions of African people in Europe.

“In the interview you did with Roland Martin, you said the white race didn’t need anybody else to be sufficient. You also said that you [white people] can stand alone,” she says before launching into a barrage of verbal jabs. “Who civilized you? Who taught you your math, sciences and philosophies so that you can be able to function like a regular human?”

Interwoven throughout, the unnamed student referenced various historical periods in which European societies encountered and learned from Africans to advance their civilizations.

In one instance, she referenced the ancient Greeks learning philosophy, math and science from the ancient Egyptians.

The student fired off a few more questions before wrapping up.

“What is your historical database? Where is your data? Where is it coming from? Are you pulling it out your a–? … The history I have been learning, where were you at when we had great African dynasties and kingdoms? Maybe in a cave. It wasn’t until we civilized you and taught you how to read, write and bathe.”

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