New Footage Shows Dylann Roof Laughingly Telling FBI He Planned to Kill at Other Local Churches 

On Monday, Dec. 12, an investigator’s court testimony revealed that Emanuel A.M.E Church shooter Dylann Roof intended to attack other churches after killing the nine in Charleston, South Carolina.

Former South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agent Britany Burke told the jury that a handwritten list of other churches and their addresses was found in the 22-year-old killer’s backpack.

Along with the list was a cellphone, laptop, more ammunition and a burned American flag, The New York Daily News reported.

Last June, the self-proclaimed white supremacist entered the Black church with the intention of starting a race war. He murdered nine parishioners during Bible study.

CBS This Morning released clips of Roof’s confession to FBI agents showing the accused killer laughing about the June 2015 massacre while revealing plans to shoot himself.

“I peeped out the door and didn’t see a cop,” Roof says. “I kept the last magazine not because I was gonna shoot cops but shoot myself.”

That 2-hour video was entered into evidence last week and shown to the jury.

In the footage, Roof told FBI agents that he was amazed that there were no cops around when he entered the church. He also told agents that he used a .45-caliber Glock pistol and shot the individuals as they rose and closed their eyes in prayer.

Roof said he thought he had only killed five people in the aftermath of the shooting.

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