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Trevor Noah Responds to Angela Yee’s Confusion Over Tomi Lahren’s Popularity

On the Dec. 7 edition of “The Breakfast Club” morning show, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah defended inviting “The Blaze”‘ host Tomi Lahren onto his show last week.

During the radio broadcast, the comedian responded to assertions that him having her on the show gave her another platform to spew her racism. Noah said Lahren was already wildly popular before appearing on his show, implying that she would have gained very little from the appearance because her videos already have millions of views.

In the clip, Noah also calls out progressives for attacking Lahren and going against their own principals to put her down.

“What I didn’t like was afterwards,” he says. “People who claimed to be progressive saying things like, ‘Oh this c-word, this b—– on the show’ … You see what you have done now is taking a cudgel of misogyny to use against her. You can’t do that when it suits you.”

He told the radio hosts that he did not condone the abuse thrown at her and invited her to drinks after the show to clear things up. Noah said the photo circulating around social media cut out his people and hers and also said the media misconstrued the context of their meeting.

However, the real bone of contention from fans was that many believed he was nice to Lahren because she is “attractive.” But Noah said that he has spoken that way to unattractive white conservative males before and no one has noticed.

Throughout the clip, Noah maintained that Lahren did not need his space to gain exposure.

“I understand the arguments,” he says. “There’s two things you’re mistaking. One, I do not believe that we’re in a situation where we are providing exposure to a person that has hundreds of millions of views on their videos.”

During “The Daily Show” appearance Wednesday, Nov. 30, Noah and Lahren sparred over the Black Lives Matter movement and San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. But it was Noah’s perceived soft and respectful treatment of the conservative social firebrand that drew heavy criticism from fans and pro-Black critics.

However, he insisted in the clip that he was just trying to get in touch with her audience.

“What you’re doing is trying to get into their space and talk to them as a person,” Noah says. “But, more importantly, you are trying to talk to the people who would never hear you in the first place.”

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