Suriname Tapped as One of World’s Main Sources of High-Quality Drinking Water

Amazone Resources towing fresh water to Barbados on a trial run

Amazone Resources towing fresh water to Barbados on a trial run

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — Alliance Partners of Monaco, which is moving to tap the lucrative drinking-water business, identified Suriname and Finland as the world’s top two sources of high-quality drinking water during a press conference this week in Finland. However, the company ultimately chose Finland because it is only three hours away from Monaco.

The Monaco-based company has partnered with Lahti Aqua of Finland to expand its global sales of drinking water in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Asia and North America. Finnish bottled water is already being sold in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Persian Gulf.

Alliance Partners has investment capital of three billion euros and is mainly in real estate around the world. It recently built accommodation for refugees in Germany.

Suriname’s location in South America on the northern shore bordering Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana, France’s overseas department, may give it an advantage in tapping the fertile EU market.

A multi-racial country that has escaped ethnic and religious bloodletting, Suriname is one of the greenest countries on Earth. Like Finland, it has unspoiled nature and an abundance of fresh water from the Guiana Shield and is now looking to profit from the growing demand for drinking water across the world. The Netherlands has funded a study to help Suriname develop this industry.

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