Fake ‘Federal N—-r Hunting’ License Surfaces Online, Student Responsible Removed from School

A Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, high school student is no longer at school after a racist fake license to kill Black people surfaced on Snapchat.

On Thursday, Dec. 1, the principal of the school was made aware of the fake “Federal N—-r Hunting License” and launched an investigation to find the culprit. The “license” permitted users to shoot Black people during open season from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

In an interview with CBS Pittsburgh, Highlands School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Bjalobok said his office was made aware of the Snapchat posting that same day.

“Once that happened, it got forwarded to multiple [people], that’s when we became aware. Someone turned it into [Principal Dan Gottron], he started to investigate and follow through with that,” Bjalobok said. “We will not tolerate this and we’re going to definitely follow our board policy in issuing consequences for this action.”

As of this report, the unidentified student has been removed from school.

However, CBS Pittsburgh reported that the district has not informed media whether or not the student was expelled or suspended.

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