Chinese Mobile Manufacturer to Use Jamaica as a Launching Pad to the Caribbean Market


KINGSTON, Jamaica, Monday Nov. 28, 2016 – Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei wants a bigger slice of the regional pie.

Huawei, one of the leading network and telecommunications manufacturers, will use Jamaica as a launching pad into the Caribbean. It will partner with Intcomex to distribute its mobile devices.

“We’re right behind Samsung, and we make no apologies; we’re going after Samsung for the No. 1 Android spot,” said Damion Barnett, the regional sales director for consumer business at Huawei.

He said Huawei was now No. 3 worldwide in smartphone sales, shipping 100 million units in October.

Barnett revealed that Huawei would be pushing the Mate 8 and P9 dual sim line to independent resellers in the Jamaican marketplace who get their stock from Intcomex.

He said Huawei planned to develop the Jamaican market before expanding its regional footprint.

“The first order of business is the stability of Huawei in Jamaica, which will bring a new approach to combining Intcomex’s relationship with resellers. Eventually, we will move out to other countries in the region,” Barnett said.

Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, has welcomed the move by Huawei.

He described the partnership as “two great companies” teaming together to deliver information and communications technology solutions to Jamaicans and the region.

“It is a pleasure to have Huawei partnering with Intcomex, a company with a regional reach, and I am sure they are looking to expand outside of the region,” Wheatley said.

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