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Bob Johnson Explains Why Black People Should Find Common Ground with Trump

On the Nov. 21 broadcast of CNN‘s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson discussed his most recent meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. 

After talking with Trump, Johnson encouraged Black people to not have permanent parties but permanent interests. While he admitted to being a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, he said he was more than willing to listen to Trump’s plans for Black people.

In the short clip, Johnson says that Trump wanted to have a candid conversation in an attempt to reach out to the African-American community and provide economic solutions to various issues.

“I approach this thing with the focus on business solutions and problems,” Johnson tells Burnett. “I am not a politician.”

Moreover, he revealed that their talks had more far-reaching implications. For instance, he told Trump that he was not interested in working in his administration after Trump hinted at it. However, he did not rule out working with Republicans.

“If Black Americans can turn the Republican party into a friend, they should do it,” Johnson said. “If they can keep the Democratic party as a friend, they should do it. Our interests should focus on our self-interests and not be locked into one party and ignored by the other party.”

In addition, the media mogul said he believes that if President Barack Obama and Clinton can find common ground with Trump, all Americans can.

“We ought to do it in the best interests of African-Americans,” Johnson said.

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