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White Woman Asks for Strength of Black Women, Gets Taken to School by Black Woman

wwaIn the wake of last week’s nail-biting presidential election, many Americans are still grappling with the new reality of a Donald Trump presidency. And Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as chief strategist in his Cabinet — a man who has openly and proudly expressed white supremacist ideals — has Black America cringing at the blatant ignorance being spouted by Trump supporters and even some white liberals.

One Facebook user found herself on the receiving end of an intense tongue-lashing when she took her “empathy” for the Black female struggle a bit too far. The unnamed user said she wishes she was born a Black woman, expressing envy for the immeasurable strength African-American women are known to possess.



That’s when a fellow Facebook user decided to school the misinformed woman on the very definition of white supremacy and how her white privilege allowed her to make such a racially insensitive statement.

screenshot-5 screenshot-6

The enraged user went on to explain that the impact of white supremacy is a constant strain not only for Black Americans, but Black people all over the world. She noted that the Black female strength that the woman was so envious of is a direct result of the long-endured pain and suffering caused by white Western culture and global white supremacy.

“You don’t want this strength because you’re too much of a coward to endure and survive what it takes to develop it,” the user wrote. “You don’t want to bleed and fight and cry and die for this strength … be tortured physically and psychologically for centuries until we see ourselves as less than you.”




The woke Facebook user wrapped up her lengthy tirade by calling out the woman — and the white population in general — for their constant appropriation of Black bodies, Black music, Black slang, Black knowledge and now Black strength. She even went on to question why the woman and her white allies wanted to be “oppressed” so badly.

“We don’t have time to listen to your white a– problems over our gotdamn oppression,” the user wrote. “You couldn’t handle this f–cking curse, this strength. And you don’t deserve the f–cking gifts either.”

screenshot-7So was this fiery clapback warranted? Unquestionably and without a doubt.

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