Black Woman Attacked with a Brick Recalls Disturbing Comments Made Her White Male Attackers

A Hillsboro, Oregon, woman was the victim of a President-elect Donald Trump-inspired hate crime last week in the parking lot of a local Safeway.


On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Kara Stevens was walking in the Safeway parking lot when a brick came out of nowhere.

According to her exclusive interview with Oregon’s KOIN 6 News, three white men in their 30s and 40s attacked her the night after Donald Trump’s victory. She said the attack was inspired by Trump’s victory.

“I just thought to myself, if I pass out from not being able to breathe and I hit the ground, it’s over,” Stevens recalls. “I heard someone yell ‘Stupid n—- b—-,’. Then they yelled ‘Are you scared? Are you scared now? Because you should be,’ and then they said ‘Cuz now we got a president who finally gets it, who feels how we feel.’”

Stevens had difficulty breathing after the brick hit her abdomen. However, she did not discover that she had several broken ribs until going to the emergency room well after the incident. And no one stepped in to help her, according to the news report.

Hillsboro Police are currently investigating the incident. Thus far, they have confirmed that the store did not have security cameras in the parking lot to capture the attack.

“You’re going to have to bring a whole lot more than a brick to break me,” Stevens tells the outlet. “This is a real thing … this isn’t a joke. A lot of people are just in denial about it.”

She said racism can’t be denied any longer, it must be faced head on.

“When people admit that it’s there, it’s going to be a heck of a lot easier for us to come together and fix it,” Stevens says in the clip.

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