Twitter Critics are Trashing, Burning New Balance Shoes Over Company’s Support For Trump

A man prepares to burn his New Balance sneakers (@MMArtinitus/Twitter)

A man prepares to burn his New Balance sneakers (@MMArtinitus/Twitter)

Twitter users are getting rid of their New Balance shoes thanks to the company’s support of President-elect Donald Trump. But the company said they only back his trade policy.

On Nov. 9, a Wall Street Journal reporter tweeted a quote from the New Balance vice president of public affairs. The statement backed Trump’s stance on trade.

“The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction,” it read.

The sneaker company is referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership – established under the Barack Obama administration. According to the TPP website, it created global trade rules grow the American economy and increase American-made exports. Countries in the continents of Asia and North America were involved as well as South American countries like Chile and Peru.

However, Gary Hufbauer told Politico TPP will cease to exist under the Trump administration.

“TPP is now in the history dustbin for sure,” Hufbauer, the senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics said.

Still, Twitter users sore from the result of the election Tuesday became furious over New Balance’s support for Trump.

Jon Targaryen threw his sneakers in the trash.

And @artsy_indy attempted to flush her shoes down the toilet.

Jinx announced his cease of support for New Balance.

@MelioraMed admitted how comfortable her pair of New Balance is but said the shoes had to go.

Meanwhile, Ta’Quan shared pictures of himself removing the shoes from his feet and dropping them in the garbage can.

Some even burned their shoes like Jean Ralphio

Yet Akewi simply had this to say.

But Madison Flowers said donating the sneakers would provide a better solution.

However, the company’s vice president of public affairs clarified its remarks to BuzzFeed Wednesday.

“The statement is correct in the context of trade,” Matt LeBretton said. “Not talking about large geo-political anything, but in the context of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. It’s inaccurate. Everything I’ve said is in the context of trade.”

Additionally, the company emphasized its stance on Twitter Nov. 10, stating its employees “constantly strive to better” society.

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