Tavis Smiley Spoke Honestly and Passionately About Trump’s Win, Why Did Black Twitter Trash Him?

On the Nov. 9 edition of MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” political commentator and author Tavis Smiley talks about how the media has attempted to normalize the election of Donald Trump after discrediting him.

In the segment from last night’s episode, Smiley unloads in response to President Barack Obama’s eloquent plea to unite the nation after Trump’s win. Immediately after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, the nation has been rocked by protests from college and high school students dismayed by the election results.

However, Smiley does not buy Obama’s call for unity, because the wounds of the long campaign season are still fresh.

“It feels empty … It feels inauthentic,” he starts. “What I saw last night was America showing its true colors. And what I saw last night it was not red, white and blue from what he would have us believe from his remarks today. Love and justice lost last night. Hatred and revenge won last night … There is no apology, there is no atonement for the racism, the classism, I don’t expect folks to swallow that so easily … ”

Smiley also criticized white liberals for galvanizing and energizing their base. He says that the young people from the far left may have made a different in this election. “This party and white liberals have to commit themselves to equality and to equity to the least among us … ”

But Twitter users did not agree with Smiley’s take on the election. Many called him out for his initial non-support for Obama back in 2008.





However, Twitter user and @Delo_Taylor agrees with Smiley’s consistent criticism of Obama. He believes that liberals should thank him for holding the president accountable.

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