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This May Be the Most Insulting Thing Sheriff Clarke Has Said Since This Election

On a recent edition of FOX News’ “Hannity,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke stumps for Donald Trump on conservative commentator Sean Hannity’s show.

On Oct. 15, Clarke called Trump supporters to action claiming that governmental institutions have failed its citizens. His “pitchforks and torches time” tweet was just one of the conspiratorial allegations from the Trump campaign that the election is rigged.


However, this tweet comes as a surprise, because he has been critical of Black Lives Matter activists and “violent protest.” However, America’s sheriff is clearly calling for riots.

In the short clip, captured on Nov. 4th, Clarke insists that the real estate mogul will help solve Black issues. The sheriff also suggests that Trump will be as impactful to Black Americans as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“… Mrs. Bill Clinton going after the women vote … why she’s not doing well? Because she’s not a likable person and she’s not emotionally connected. Look, if Donald Trump gets elected as president of the United States, his appeal to the Black community is going to mean … that he’s going to be the best thing that has happened to the Black community since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

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