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After 8 Years of Obama, This Howard Grad Is Disappointed in Her Black President

In 2008, Howard University student Sandy Booker was one of millions of young Black people hopeful that the election of President Barack Obama would bring new change to the United States. After centuries of racial tension, Obama was supposed to be a new beginning.

However, two terms and a lack of real solutions to Black issues have soured that crowning American first. Now, Booker is studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has mixed feelings about Obama’s legacy.

The young woman tells Channel 4 News‘ Jon Snow that she has lost hope after eight years. She adds that she wished Obama did more for Black people in America.

“I wish that my Black president would have spoken more to Black people.”

Booker says she is not as hopeful as she was eight years ago. In fact, the young woman feels extremely let down.

“When it comes to whether it’s the justice system, equal access to healthcare, job opportunities, the suffering that we’ve had at the hands of police, he quite honestly failed us …”

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