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Beyonce’s CMA Performance Spurs Racist Backlash, Shows Ignorance of Country Genre Roots

Beyoncé performs at 50th annual Country Music Awards with the Dixie Chicks (ABC/CMAs Screenshot)

Beyoncé performs at the 50th annual Country Music Awards with The Dixie Chicks. (ABC/CMAs Screenshot)

UPDATE: After the backlash, PopCrave reported the Country Music Association Awards deleted all traces of Beyoncé’s performance from its social media accounts on Nov. 3.



The CMAs also removed both Bey and the Dixie Chicks from their performance line up online.

However, just before 4:15 p.m. the organization shared the video on their Facebook page.

Beyoncé’s highly anticipated performance at the Country Music Association Awards made fans of the genre irate.

The Texas native took the stage at the 50th annual event on ABC to perform her song “Daddy Lessons” with country girl group The Dixie Chicks. Bey donned her usual extravagant stage wear and let her vocals fly while also letting the Chicks’ lead singer Natalie Maines have her time to shine.

Many in the BeyHive shared their excitement about tuning in ahead of the show.

@fauxdeity hoped for a political message with a performance of “Formation” instead of “Daddy Lessons.”

Meanwhile, @RedBeKnowing took note of Beyoncé’s straightened locks.

And after Bey’s gig, user Blackstepfather made it known he still didn’t consider himself a country and western fan.

However, many country music fans shunned the singer. They accused her of racism and spewed racial epithets.

Amy Mek called it “shameful” that the CMAs let “a cop hating, Anti-American racist on their stage.”

User He’s Country dropped the n-word and demanded that the CMAs remove Beyoncé from the program. He also made other adverse claims.

But journalist Brian A. Hernandez corrected the notion. He pointed out that country music legend Reba McEntire – who was seen in @HeIsCountry’s profile picture – covered Bey’s hit, “If I Were a Boy.”

In response to ABC’s coverage of the show on Good Morning America, Mark Hixon proclaimed Bey didn’t “steal the show.” After describing it as “another racist shove,” Hixon added it was a “sad day for CMA.”

The Iceman proclaimed Beyoncé’s CMA performance is equivalent to country star Garth Brooks putting on a show at the BET Awards. “Makes no sense,” he said.

Mario A. Rodriguez questioned Bey’s appearance, too. “She should stick to her lame music,” he said.

However, criticism of Beyoncé’s CMA appearance doesn’t take into account the Black and African roots of country music. Atlanta Black Star reported the banjo – a core instrument in the genre – developed out of two stringed West African instruments: the ngoni and xalam.

Additionally, Black-focused ceremonies like the BET Awards have celebrated accomplishments of white performers. Past winners include Sam Smith and Eminiem. And Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Iggy Azealia – all of whom have also performed on the show – also previously scored nominations.

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