Black Voter Defends Trump After Being Called ‘Thug’ and Thrown Out of North Carolina Rally

A Black Donald Trump supporter felt the wrath of angry rally-goers after being accused of being an anti-Trump protester.

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, passionate Trump supporter and Nash County, North Carolina resident C.J. Cary was tossed out of a rally at the Kinston Jet Center when the real estate mogul believed the man was a protester trying to disrupt the event. The former Marine served in Afghanistan.

In a video from last week, Cary is escorted out of the venue by security as rally-goers hurl commands to “get him out of here.” Trump can be heard over the maelstrom of shouts also instructing the guards to quickly remove the man.

“Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” Trump sneers. “You can get him out. Get him out!”

The mogul referenced recently released Hillary Clinton emails allegedly detailing backroom deals showing that her campaign and President Barack Obama’s administration conspired to disrupt Trump rallies.

According to The News & Observer of RaleighCary wanted to get Trump’s attention during the rally to hand him a noting requesting Trump to be nicer to minority voters. He told the news outlet that he tried to get The Donald’s attention by shouting his name, but his friendly gesture was mistaken as disrespect.

“He entirely mistook that and thought that I was a protester,” Cary said.

Subsequently, two guards came toward him.

In a series of tweets, Cary blames his treatment on frequent protests. He wrote that Trump is the real victim of “Black hate.”

He said he was grateful to have not been arrested and “thrown under jail.” Cary dismisses the onslaught of criticism by blaming himself, all the while professing his unwavering support for Trump.

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