Sister Souljah Beautifully Demolishes Idea That a Few Good Whites Will Stop Racism

During “The Issue Is Race: A Crisis in Black and White” Oct. 2, 1992 special, activist and author Sister Souljah comments on white people’s reaction to racism in America.

In the classic sparring match hosted by Phil Donahue, Sister Souljah exposes America’s deliberate miseducation of Black people to keep them from thriving.

According to her, school systems do not prepare Black people to financially empower themselves and create businesses. She says that white America does not want Black people “to survive or become self-sufficient.”

“When white people feel serious and angry about abortion, they come out in the thousands to the millions to say this is what we believe about abortion … ¬†Where is the white outcry against white racism? … It doesn’t exist. Who are these white good people?”

Then, Dr. Cornel West interjects, stating that he knows a few. At this point in the short clip, chaos and a cacophony of shouts erupt. Sister Souljah tells the scholar that he and others must have confidence in African people to build better Black institutions.

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