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Comedienne Loni Love Tearfully Rips into Amy Schumer for ‘Formation’ Parody Mocking Black Women

On the Oct. 25 edition of “The Real,” comedienne and co-host Loni Love gives a passionate critique of fellow comedienne Amy Schumer‘s recent parody of Beyoncé’s “Formation” video.

In an attempt to rack up laughs from fans, Schumer decided to team up with actress Goldie Hawn to poke a little fun at Beyoncé’s hit single. However, the video did not go over well with fans. The parody has 1.5 million views, but over the course of five days it has garnered 13,311 dislikes. And the comments section does not fare better. Many believed Schumer was mocking Black women and culture.

During Tuesday’s episode, Love tears into the comedienne for parodying Beyoncé’s inspiring hit.

“When ‘Formation’ came out, we’ve been going through all this civil unrest,” Love explains. “People are upset. And a lot of Black women feel like they’ve been put to the bottom … That they’ve been brushed aside, and Beyoncé came out and gave them some power.”

Love adds that she understands comedy and the need to lighten up but wonders if Schumer took it too far.

“I know some people are saying ‘oh, everybody lighten up.’ You don’t understand. We have some issues in this country. We need to get through these issues. And you’ve got to respect their point of view. I’m crying because I can feel their pain.”

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