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Why These Two Women Are Willing to Lose Friends and Campaign Door to Door for Donald Trump

A duo of young Black Ohio voters are stumping for Donald Trump no matter the backlash they have received from friends and family.

ShoMore DeNiro and Justis Harrison are committed to the Republican presidential nominee’s policies despite Trump’s past sexual assault allegations and incidents. In a profile with SBS Dateline, the pair tells reporters that they have been criticized for supporting the real estate mogul. DeNiro recalls deleting Facebook friends after she announced she was supporting Trump.

“The things that they would say to me were so vulgar and so horrible and unnecessary.”

But the cacophony of insults did not stop her.

Although the two voters were formerly Democrats, they  decided to go with Trump because they believe the nation is in dire straits.

“During high school, I was a Democrat. And I [went] door-to-door for President Obama,” DeNiro tells Dateline. “A lot of things that Mr. Trump is actually saying is what I believe … We were a really good country. And I don’t know what happened through the years. But I’d like us to get back to when our jobs were here … He supports all that … he’s my guy.”

While Harrison would like to see a woman become president, she cannot support Hillary Clinton, because she claims the former Secretary of State is a “liar.”

“We don’t want a president that is going to lie.”


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