Pennsylvania High School Students Under Investigation After Racist Message Goes Viral

Central Dauphin High School students post with racist message (Twitter)

Central Dauphin High School students post with racist message (Twitter)

The administration is investigating at a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania high school after an image with a racist message went viral. A photo of students at Central Dauphin High School showed the group smiling in a vehicle as one held a sign reading, “You stupid n—–.”

Initially posted on Instagram before its deletion, the photo quickly spread online. Now, the CDHS launched a probe into the matter. On Oct. 12, the school issued the following statement on their Twitter account.

“First and foremost, this type of speech and behavior contradicts the principles and core beliefs of equity, humanity, and dignity that we try to teach our students,” it read in part. “We have begun an investigation to determine the facts of the case and the appropriate disciplinary response.”

Prior to the school’s statement, two students reportedly captured in the controversial image shared apologies on Twitter Tuesday and Wednesday.

Central Dauphin apology-2 Central Dauphin apology-1Regardless, Lorren Brown, a sophomore at CDHS, told PennLive he felt “personally disrespected” after viewing the photo.

“I grew up with these girls,” he added. “It’s very eye-opening and shocking they were capable of this vile act of hate. I really couldn’t believe my eyes.”

On Thursday, principal Kenneth E. Miller released a letter explaining he learned of the school’s hidden racism, which he called “the vile underbelly of the halls we walk every day.”

“I have received emails filled with stories from students in this building – both current and former – speaking to the terrible ways we treat each other,” Miller said in part. “I can say without hesitation that we cannot continue this way.”

Jakasia Cabbagestalk exposed some of those racist incidents to PennLive.

“I think it’s sad I have to go to [a] school where kids come on campus with Confederate flags on their trucks, students say the n-word in the hallway,” the junior remarked.

Cabbagestalk added that Central Dauphin should educate students and teachers on diversity. Principal Miller noted he is open to discussions about how to improve the culture of the school.

In response to the racist image, Lorren said a group of students planned to dress in head-to-toe black for a peaceful protest Oct. 13. The movement aimed to demonstrate racist statements “are not okay and never will be.”

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