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NFL Star LeSean McCoy Extends Invite to Game For Police: They’re Taking so Much Heat’

LeSean McCoy (Wikipedia)

LeSean McCoy (Wikipedia)

Buffalo Bills player LeSean McCoy wants to show his appreciation to police by inviting them to the team’s next game.

According to BillsWire, McCoy planned to give between 15 and 20 police officers Bills tickets. They will attend either the matchup against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday or the game against the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 23.

McCoy noted the decision has nothing to do with 49er Colin Kaepernick’s comeback as starting quarterback this weekend. The footballer stirred controversy this NFL season when he began protesting the national anthem because of police brutality.

“At the end of the day if there’s something wrong going on, or there’s something that is dangerous I’m sure Kap will call the cops, he’ll call 911,” McCoy said of Kaepernick’s stance Wednesday.

“My take on it is that the things that the cops are doing are definitely wrong. But there’s good people and bad people. There’s good cops and bad cops,” McCoy said.

He added the game invite is “just as an appreciation type of thing.”

“They’re taking so much heat right now,” McCoy said.

In addition to welcoming officers to the Bill’s game, the running back briefly mentioned that his foundation Shades of Greatness will welcome inner city youth, too. But he focused much of his discussion on thanking police.

“You know, you’ve got to show appreciation,” McCoy told reporters. “Because nobody’s perfect. I don’t want all cops getting a bad rap for what bad cops are doing because there are still good cops.”

“For me to say that, that’s genuine,” McCoy said according to ESPN. The statement referred to a reported bar brawl with off-duty Philadelphia law enforcement in February. Officials did not charge the footballer but police brought a civil suit against him in September.

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