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Colorado Student Tries to Downplay Facebook Post Threatening Black People After Expulsion

A group of Boulder Preparatory High School students have been expelled after racist threats from a Neo-Nazi Facebook chat group were brought to the attention of school officials and authorities.

Member Sage Reynolds says the Facebook 4th Reich Official Group Chat is harmless. However, authorities think otherwise. With messages like “WHITE POWER” and “DEATH TO ALL JEWS AND N—-” police have tied the group to a recent suicide.

ABC 7 News reports that five students have been expelled for their connection to the group. That suicide victim was part of the group and took his life to commit support to the Nazi-inspired movement. Police discovered the group and the posts after receiving an anonymous tip.

In a recent interview with ABC 7 News, Reynolds tells reporters that the members were only joking about the threats to kill African-Americans and people of Jewish descent.

“It was not anything (serious),” Reynolds starts. “None of the kids were planning on carrying out anything violent in nature. It was just a bad joke.”

The 18-year-old tells reporters that he received a slip of paper and was told he was no longer a student at the high school.

“There was no reconciliation with the families. It was just, ‘Your kid is being expelled, call us if you have any questions.’ ”

Reynolds is only one of a dozen college and high school students named in the Boulder Police Department report. However, none were charged with a crime. The former student apologized and denounced his involvement in the group.

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