Nubian Skin Founder Reveals Unexpected Hurdle While Creating Nude Lingerie for Black Women

In an Oct. 4 NBC Black profile, Nubian Skin Lingerie founder Ade Hassan talks about creating products specifically addressing the lack of nude colored options for Black women.

Even though nude garments are popular in the lingerie industry, Black women are limited to very few options. Hassan noticed that and created her line two years ago in the U.K.

“If you have dark skin it really doesn’t exists,” Hassan tells NBC Black.

It took a year to create her four featured colors Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel and Cafe Au Lait, because the fabric did not exist. But this was just one of many ways the industry failed women of color. She realized that the problem was much deeper than just a lack of fabrics. When she took Nubian Skin to a trade show, her team had to spray paint white mannequins because there were no Black ones to display her product.

However, Hassan persevered. She tells reporters that her product has received great support from women searching for nude hosiery.

In addition, Hassan has expanded her line of bras and undergarments with the launch of The Africa Collection. Products in this line rage from $40-80. Orders are currently shipping out this month.

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