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University of Cape Town Activists Take Over Lecture Hall, Warns Whites of Black Resistance

On Oct. 5, Black South African students at the University of Cape Town stormed a lecture hall to educate white peers about racism on campus.

After a year of protests, Black students have shown their collective outrage over university policy changes and increased rates.

The #FeesMustFall movement started at the University of Witwatersrand but quickly spread to other institutions of higher education around South Africa. It has sparked new discussions on race, white privilege and systemic oppression of Black people. However, the fight continues.

In the clip, a female protester expresses her frustration while addressing white students.

“… White people are a minority in this country,” she starts. “… If there is going to be blood, it’s not going to be ours. There are students who have been criminalized because they are [fighting white supremacy] … They [were] criminalized for no reason at all.”

She adds that Black people can not be peaceful anymore. However, the young woman warns the lecture hall that there will be Black resistance and self defense.

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