Officers Who Harassed Black Man on His Mom’s Porch Will Not Be Charged for Misconduct

On Oct. 4, a North Carolina prosecutor announced that officers involved in a June police brutality incident would not be charged for misconduct.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Greensboro Police Officers Travis Cole andĀ Charlotte Jackson approached Dejuan Yourse for an alleged June 17 breaking and entering call.

Bodycam footage released in September shows Cole repeatedly striking Yourse. In that footage, Cole and his partner interrogated Yourse for over five minutes. They asked why he was around the home, if the neighbors knew him and whether or not he lived there. And Yourse answered them without hostility.

However, the interrogation turned into a wrestling match after Cole reached for Yourse’s cell phone. The footage shows Cole lunging at the man, who is sitting in a rocking chair. Yourse then falls to the porch while Cole is on top of him. Jackson then comes over to subdue and handcuff Yourse.

The Greensboro Police Department said Cole and Jackson violated the department’s use of force policy. Since the incident, both officers have resigned. And all charges against Yourse have been dropped, per CBS News.

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