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Alt-Right Members Developed These New Racist Code Words to Avoid Online Censorship

Man works on computer at night (Picjumbo)

Man works on computer at night (Picjumbo)

Alt-right members devised a code to get around filters targeting racist hate speech.

Podcaster Alex Goldman outed the method of exchanging racial slurs for seemingly harmless ones. For example, the n-word becomes “Google.” “Yahoos” is a slur for Mexicans, and “Skypes” is a Jewish slur.

In the tweet, Goldman gave credit to “racist Trump Twitter” for the method to exchange hate speech that avoids account suspension. However, The Telegraph reported the act developed on 4chan, an anonymous message board website known for its trolling culture.

While discussing Google’s Jigsaw program — which fights online abuse — someone said it couldn’t block them if they typed “a common word in place of something racist, like if they started using ‘google’ instead of ‘n—–‘ ”

The initiative, titled “Operation Google,” is meant to take aim at the company’s plans to censor hateful words entered into the search bar.

“Our response is to make it so Google would have to censor their own company by making them a racial slur towards Blacks,” the page said.

Since 4chan is a photo posting website, many shared racist memes to help the operation grow.


According to Crave Online, another graphic image depicted two lynched Black men and the words “Google Hangouts.” The plan was to get the code words to spread on social media. And it is growing.

Since the development in late September, many have used Google’s name to viciously describe Black people.

Additionally, many users of the racist terms have “deplorable” in their user names. Their avatars are accompanied by the meme Pepe the Frog.

Some tweets show that the hate-speech users support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. @WhiteGuy__1488 stated Trump “is not a National Socialist.” His reasoning came down to the businessman having children who married Jews.

In line with Trump’s logic, Brighton Whytock wrote a string of stereotypes against several groups, including Jews, African-Americans, Mexicans, Arabs and Muslims.

“We stop this now!” he demanded.

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