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5 Reasons Why Every Black Person Should Support Independent Black Schools

With everything that is being thrown at the Black community, with all the challenges we face, there is a sense of urgency to act now, to support our own Black institutions, to uplift our community and give back to ourselves and grow our legacy. What better place to start than with our educational institutions?

Schools are the key to the future of the Black community, but not just any schools. To ultimately guarantee our success, Black people must fund and support Black-owned and operated educational institutions. This means seizing control of the educational process of our children, guiding the development of young Black minds to act in the interests of the Black community, and securing our liberation in the process. Who else will do it, and why would they? And why should we search for a savior, a superman or superwoman to solve our problems and make it right, when we are the heroes we have been waiting for in the first place?

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