KRS-One Clears Up His Position on Afrika Bambaataa’s Sexual Assault Allegations

KRS-One (Facebook)

KRS-One (Facebook)

KRS-One published a blog clarifying his thoughts on Afrika Bambaataa’s child sexual abuse allegations.

Atlanta Black Star reported in July that KRS called claims of assault by the hip-hop pioneer “accusations and gossip.”

“Show me the evidence, and I will definitely have justice done,” KRS said in an England interview.

The accusations against Bambaataa, who co-founded the Zulu Nation, began when 51-year-old Ronald Savage shared his story. According to Savage, the former Zulu leader forced the then-teen to perform oral sex on another member.

KRS-One recently published a blog on his official website explaining that his earlier comments don’t support Bambaataa.

“I am in no way defending Afrika Bambaataa, or somehow excusing him of the accusations made against him because he is Afrika Bambaataa. Be clear with this,” KRS wrote. “I have said repeatedly on video and in writing that I am saddened and shocked at the whole controversy, and that Bam is going to have to deal with this matter on his own.”

“But to condemn any person with no evidence,” he continued. “And only accusations to go by is indeed wrong and unlawful. Such is NOT leadership.”

KRS emphasized faith in the justice system, stating “in the United States a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.…this is the law.”

“Yet, Afrika Bambaataa has received no such presumption of innocence,” KRS went on. “He has already been deemed guilty of abuse with no evidence and only accusations against him. Real leaders cannot become entangled in such controversies that have no real healing for the victims, no recovery for the accused and no real justice in sight.”

“Again, I am in no way defending Afrika Bambaataa, I am defending real truth and real justice for all!” he concluded.

Bambaataa has personally denied the accusations.

MC Shan blasted KRS-One’s earlier thoughts last week.

During an interview with Murder Master Music Show, Shan said he thought KRS had something to hide about Bambaataa.

“Because for you to keep standing up for somebody that did what they did and you still standing up for this man,” he said. “You got something to hide and you don’t want it to come out.”

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