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College Football Player Unleashes Powerful Speech to Media After Fans Threaten to Lynch Him for Protesting

On Sept. 26, University of Nebraska player Michael Rose-Ivey calls out fans who threatened to lynch him after a Saturday national anthem protest.

Before Saturday’s game with Northwestern, Mohamed Barry and DaiShon Neal joined the linebacker by kneeling to protest police brutality.

However, they did not expect a maelstrom of racial threats.

Rose-Ivey tells media that he decided to join San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick because he is a man of God and he cares about stopping the injustices happening to Black people.

“… The injustices taking place primarily against people of color,” he says. “We all realized that there is a systemic problem in America …”

The Cornhusker adds that threats will not stop his protests.

“Some believed [we] should be kicked off the team or suspended. While some said we deserved to be lynched or shot just like the other Black people that have died recently. Another believed that since we didn’t want to stand for the anthem, we should be hung before the anthem the next game.”

In the 12-minute video, Rose-Ivey recalls the times he has been called the n-word and the multiple racial incidents that have occurred to him.

“My freshman year, I can remember going to a frat party and was told that ‘n—–s are not allowed in this house.’ ”

Ultimately, the senior football player hopes his protest will bring about equality.

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